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Shenzhen Wonder at DRUPA 2016

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From May 31th to June 10th, the printing grand ceremony --- DRUPA 2016 kicked off in Dusseldorf Exhibition Center,Germany! The theme of DRUPA 2016 is Touch the future.  As the world's advanced printing system manufacturers and service providers, Shenzhen Wonder printing system Co.,Ltd. appeared with two of the most representative printers!


Digital and Intelligent printing is the future of printing industry! Shenzhen Wonder's exhibits already sold out before the fair, lots of dealers and clients visited our booth during the show, both of us had full harvest!

During the exhibition, Mr. Shigeru Yamagata, General Manager of OJI Group from Japan appeared at Shenzhen Wonder's booth! Both parties had great meetings and got commons with [ ONE PASS HIGH SPEED MACHINE] for next cooperation!!

With almost 140 years of history since establishment, the Oji Group has constantly been a leader in the pulp and paper industry of Japan.  Its registered capital is 103.8 billion and 80 million yen , headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, employees nearly 30,000 people!

Antecedent Review: the representative of OJI Group had been visited Shenzhen Wonder at Sino fair which held on April 2016, got commons with 10 printers order and ordered two printers for their subsidiary companies in Malaysia and Cambodia!

Shenzhen wonder printing system Co., ltd. is a new enterprise engaged in researching and development、production and sales of environmentally digital printing equipment, committed to provide customers with environmentally, energy-saving, efficient packaged printing system. Since its inception, it has been introduced WD180-4A, WD250-4A, WD250-8A, WD250-12A, WD310-12A, WD200-24A, WD200-36A series digital printing systems, the equipment market stability and company service has been praised by customers.All printers already pass European CE certification, exported to various countries in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, Europe and others!

  Mian produts

  Digital printer                WD250-4A,WD250-8A,WD310-12A

  ONE PASS High speed printer  WD200-24A,WD200-36A

  UV Flat printer              WDUV250-6A,WDUV250-12A

  Auto trimming and slotting machine  WDKC250,WDKC310

  Auto vanish coatting machine        WDGY180,WDGY250

  Special ink,accessories,vanish etc.