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Shenzhen Wonder at Sino 2016

April 16th 2016, the three-days Sino Exhibition which sponsored by Lizhan Group at Houjie Dongguan•Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center ended successfully!

The booth area of Shenzhen Wonder printing system Co.,Ltd. is 165㎡. Shenzhen Wonder comprehensive display the different series of representative apparatus, included WD250 series with WD250-4A/WD250-8A,WD200 high speed series with WD200-24A,WDUV flat series with WDUV250-6A,WDKC slotting series with WDKC310 and WDGY vanish coating series with WDGY180.

Shenzhen Wonder won great success at this exhition, got machine orders over 50 units during three days!! The most popural model is WD250 series digital printers, OJI Group made orders with 10 units at the show!! Customers from all over the world also made orders to Shenzhen Wonder one by one!!  Lots of customers from Euro took more interest with the machines which going to  exhibits at DRUPA 2016 exhibition!!






We are WONDER, that is why we can create wonder!


                          Sales Director : Polo Luo