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WDMS250-32A++ 2 IN 1 Digital Printer
WDMS250-32A++ 2 IN 1 Digital Printer

WDMS250 combines two different digital printing methods: Multi Pass high-precision scanning and Single Pass high-speed printing. You can choose to use the scanning mode to print large-size, large-area, high-precision, full-color carton orders, or instantly Switch to Single pass high-speed mode to print large quantities of orders to meet a wider range of corrugated digital printing needs, covering more than 70% of customer groups, reducing equipment investment, saving space, labor, maintenance and other costs, and greatly improving production efficiency. Another innovation in digital printing technology!


Article NO.



Industrial-grade mirco-piezo hightest printhead

Printhead quantity

32 pieces

Ink type

Special water-based dye ink, special water-based pigment ink

Color model


Medium distance


Printing resolution

200*1200 dpi

Printing efficiency 

Multi-pass scanning mode:300*600dpi , max 1400/hour

Single-pass high speed mode: 200*1200dpi, max 1.8m/min

                                                 300*1200dpi, max 1.3m/min

                                                 600*1200dpi, max 0.65m/min

Printing format

Multi-pass scanning mode:2500mm

Single-pass high speed mode:520mm

Drying speed

Liner-board can be dry once print out, able to print on semi coated board if connect with drying system(optional)

Working environment

20ºC-25ºC IndoorHumidity 50%-70%

Ink supply

Automatic ink supply

Feeding mode

Automatic leading edge feeding

Material thickness

1.5mm-35mmmax can be ordered to 50mm)

Operate system

Professional RIP system,professional printing system

Power supply

About 35 KW powerAC380±10%50-60HZ

Machine size




Computer configuration requirements

Motherboard: B550M 3 PCI-E interface and network adapter with 1000M

CPU: AMD R9 5950X

Memory: 32G_3200MHz

Solid State Drive: 500G SSD M.2 interface (NVMe protocol) ,reading speed is greater than 1500M per second

Mechanical hard disk: 1T

Power supply: above 500W

Computer case: ATX case (small/small case is not supported)

Display: 19-27 inches with wall-mounted mounting holes

Keyboard : wired (wireless or Bluetooth is not recommended)

Graphics card: GT210/710/730, etc., no special requirements

LAN network card: 1000M usb network card (LAN file sharing)

Machine network card: The machine needs to occupy a PCI-E interface

Support system: Windows_10_64-bit Professional Edition/Enterprise Edition/Education Edition