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WDUV250-12A+ UV Heavy Digital Printer
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WDUV250-12A+ UV Heavy Digital Printer

WDUV250 Multi Pass width format high quality digital UVinkjet printing machine, use heavy machine body, inkjet printing,special UV ink, vivid color and waterproof printing effect,CMYK or CMYK+W model is optional, max printing width 2500mm, length no limit, printing speed up to 1pass 600㎡/h, production efficiency around 1~600 PCS/hour, siutable for small and personalized orders which want high resolution and shiny color. 


Article NO.



Industrial-grade piezoelectric printhead

Printhead quantity

12 pieces

Ink type

Special UV curable ink

Color model


Medium distance


Printing resolution

≥360*300 dpi

Printing efficiency

300*600dpi:max 300/H

300*900dpi:max 200/H

300*1200dpi:max 150/H

Media type

Hard materials such as: cardboard,wood,plastic,etc. Special materials such as tiles,metal plate,acrylic board,etc will need to change relevent parts

Printing format


Drying speed

Dry once print out

Working environment

15ºC-32ºC IndoorHumidity 40%-70%

Ink supply

Automatic continuous ink supply

Feeding mode

Automatic leading edge feeding,suction platform

Material thickness

1.5mm-35mmmax can be ordered to 50mm)

Operate system

Professional RIP system,professional printing system,Win10/11 system with 64 bit operating system or above

Power supply

About 18 KW powerAC380±10%50-60HZ

Machine size




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